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Love Came Down at Christmas

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the LORD – Luke 2:11

    If you were raised in the Christian church or have been a believer for a while, Christmas might not have as much of a spark. It’s the same story every year, and you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to get all the tinsel on the tree. In the annual celebration of Christmas, the magic can fall through the cracks. How can you reclaim the wonder of Christmas this year? 

    Let’s think about the grand act of love that this event is. Jesus, Creator of the universe, subjected himself to a human body. Have you ever felt limited by your body? Perhaps you’ve gotten older and can’t do some of the activities you used to love. Maybe you are constrained by responsibilities that fatigue you and limit your resources. Jesus willingly confined himself to human limitations. He could have broken the rules. He could have made bread for himself in the wilderness, instead of being tempted by Satan. Christ would have been able to give himself energy when he felt weak. But he chose to experience mortality.

    This is the ultimate sacrificial love. He chose to walk in our shoes for an entire lifetime. Not a moment. Thirty-three years. And for thirty of those years, he was living a quiet life as a carpenter. Not only did he choose to physically experience flesh and blood, but he lived an emotionally vulnerable life. He laughed, cried, and felt the bitterness of a close friend’s betrayal.

     Next time you see a baby Jesus in the cradle, remember he would grow like the rest of us. God chose to suffer, making himself so much lower than he is. He took the crown off his head and replaced it with thorns. He did this not only to pay the price for our sins, but to meet us in our pains, trials, and afflictions in a personal way. Remember that Christmas is about God coming to give you an eternal gift, himself, and that came at an ultimate cost. Christmas is the beginning of this glorious redemption story, your redemption story, and about the King of Heaven choosing to love you more than himself!

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