Our Mission – Christian Subscription Box | Overflow of Blessings

Our Mission

Overflow of Blessings is a monthly Christian subscription box that will allow you to learn more about the woman God created you to be.  Through encouraging Scripture verses and uplifting quotations on gift items within the box, the Overflow of Blessings box will help women grow closer to Christ.  If you are interested in receiving a gift each month with a spiritual purpose -- but also want something you can use in your everyday life and share with others -- this is for you!

In Psalm 23:5 we learn when we are in God’s presence our cup overflows with blessings.  Through the Overflow of Blessings monthly box, you will experience this truth and discover that when we are filled with God’s love and blessings, we can’t help but overflow and share it with others. 

 We understand you are busy and life’s hectic pace pulls you in so many directions, but you can’t truly be the woman God desires you to be unless you take time to FILL YOUR OWN CUP with God’s Holy Word. We want to help you do that! Each month you will receive a box designed around a particular theme in the Bible with a list of verses related to the theme for you to study using any method that works for you. An exclusive Spotify playlist with uplifting and comforting Christian music for subscribers will be included in the box.  Each box will also be filled with artisan coffee or tea and 5-6 curated gift items such as Bible covers, journals, home décor, t-shirts, jewelry, and self-care items, all related to the monthly Scripture theme.   

God’s love for us overflows, and we want to help women revel in it, while overflowing love into others.  

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