FAQs – Christian Subscription Box | Overflow of Blessings


When will I be charged and when will my Overflow of Blessings Box arrive?

You will be charged at the time you sign up. When your subscription renews your payment will be drafted on the 15th.  We strive to ship on or about the 20th so that the box can arrive to you close to the first of the month.  Example payment is drafted on September 15th, the box ships on September 20th and delivers on October 1st

Am I able to gift the Overflow of Blessings Box to a friend?

Absolutely!  We encourage our subscribers to share the overflow with someone that they know that would like to have their cup filled

May I return or exchange box items that I do not like?

Because we personally curate the items in each box specifically for our subscribers, we do not like to accept returns or exchanges for any box item.  However,  we would like to keep our subscribers happy.  If there is an item that you do not like, we recommend you to bless someone else with the item. 

Do you offer local pick up?

Yes, we are located in McAllen, Texas and subscribers are welcome to pick up their subscription at an arranged day and time.  Please contact us to set up the day and time. 

Is there a commitment or may I cancel at any time?

There is no commitment.  If you need to cancel your subscription, please email kim@overflowofblessings.com.  Please note – cancellation requests must be received 14 days before your billing date (15th of the month) or you will be charged for the following month.

Keep in mind if you sign up for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription (which are prepaid and automatically renew at the end of their terms) you will not be able to cancel until your last box has shipped.

When will an item that I ordered (besides a subscription box) be shipped? 

Most items we have in stock and can ship immediately.  For items that are not in stock or are custom made please allow 7-10 working days for us to ship.  

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